Keep It Stocked

Presenting the right minibar to your guests is equal parts art and science. There are critical questions that should be answered. It’s never a good idea to just blindly throw together a random mix of snacks and packs. A newlywed couple in their early 30s doesn’t want the same minibar products as a retired couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Or maybe they do. You may not know, and that’s OK. In-Room Plus figures it all out for you.


Once you break it down to the following,
you’re able to see how the perfect minibar comes to be.

  • Who Are Your Guests?

    Are they families or business travelers? Are these people in the area for leisure, business, both or something else? Couples on honeymoon or a divorcee in town for a business convention? Knowing who your guests are and what they like are the questions that need to be answered before all others. To know your guests is to know what they want.

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings

    Find out if there are convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations or gift shops nearby. Also be on the lookout for speciality shops that sell things like artisan chocolates. Know the places where your guests might go to get their late night snack fix.

  • Where and How Will You Present Your Minibar Products?

    Most people buy minibar products based solely on impulse. While planning for a vacation, when have you ever said to yourself, “I’m definitely going to buy at least two energy drinks, a can of honey roasted peanuts and a bag of gummy bears from the minibar”? Never is in fact the correct answer. Your guests view the minibar as an added luxury while at a hotel. This is why minibars should always be clean, neat and inviting. To increase the likelihood of impulse buys, products should be easily viewable and accessible.

  • Which Products Should You Offer?

    This is the fun part. You get to go shopping! Find a good balance of sweet, salty, healthy, signature snacks and brand items that satisfy your guests’ potential desires. Having a nice blend of brands your guests are familiar with (Snickers, Pringles, etc.), and some they may be curious about (Banana Moon), will provide the best returns. Giving your guests options they may want is crucial but you also want to provide things they may need like first aid, sewing and shaving kits.

  • Make a Menu

    Keep it generic. There’s no need to spend time revising it with specific product names every time you get a new shipment. Keep it simple. List the essentials like cookies, energy bars, chips and mixed nuts. This way you can easily switch from offering shortbread cookies to chocolate chip cookies.

  • Monitor Your Minibar

    1. Check the expiration dates often.
    2. Order correct quantities.
    3. Don't hesitate to make changes to your product mix to maximize the number of turns.
    4. Phase out items that don't sell well. 
    5. Track trends, guest feedback and discrepancies.
    6. Train employees to check for tampered items. 
    7. Check dates in the room and upon receipt from vendors. 
    8. Clean and dust for best presentation and turn all labels facing guests.

  • Shelf Life Means Everything

    The average shelf life for a minibar product is around nine months. If a product doesn’t last at least nine months, there’s a good chance it will never sell which costs you time, labor and money. Scary thought isn’t it? Good news is that In-Room Plus uses a nitrogen flushing process to extend the shelf life of our delicious edibles. Products that are nitrogen flushed have double the shelf life. That’s right, DOUBLE. In-Room Plus offers a variety of packaging options with nitrogen flushing including Banana Moon and all of our box lines.