Many hotels use a variety of methods to track, stock, and/or exchange out their minibar inventory. This solution can help lead to increased guest satisfaction; being able to manage inventory levels, control labor costs and adjust minibar offerings to maximize sales. Making sure your guests are only offered the best and freshest products stocked with each stay.

Why color code your minibar you ask? When a hotel room gets turned over for the next guest; the minibar gets cleaned, dusted and checked to see if there are any items that need to be restocked or replaced. Imagine the ease of checking each product with a simple glance at a color icon or marking (verses turning each product over to see its expiration date) and quickly being able to remove or pull anything close or past its peak freshness. Allowing your team members to quickly move onto their next step while maintaining your goals of minutes per room.

With a larger number of rooms or when the hotel is not experiencing high occupancy; you can move shorter dated products to the rooms that will be occupied. Another idea is utilizing shorter dated items for guests deserving of service recovery. Room not ready? Here's some delicious chocolate almonds. Toilet running all night? Here's some complimentary snacks!

This minibar solution evolved when Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner reached out to us regarding an idea they wanted to implement. They asked if it was possible to somehow color code their branded minibar labels with a color that would represent the month of when that product expires (ex: January is grey, April is red, and so on). This idea was going to help ease the process for housekeeping to control expired products.

It's excellent and just as I hoped it would be! Thanks once again, and helping me with this process. ~ Sriram Hariharan, Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner 

What a great addition and easy way to add structure and organization to your minibar is to use color-coding. We went into design mode and created this functional coding structure that hotels have now implemented. Some have incorporated the color into their logo and some have added just a design feature (ex: wave, embellishment, or simple shape).

If you have an idea or solution, we can make it happen. You ask and we'll deliver! Email or call us for more information or if you'd like to implement this into your minibar system.