In-Room Plus Advantages

When your guests travel for business or pleasure, they’re looking to treat themselves. After a long day networking at conferences, a businesswoman should be able to kick back and crack open a jar of jelly beans and hit up Pay-Per-View. The same impulsive purchasing decision applies to a newlywed couple enjoying their honeymoon. What better way to unwind after a full itinerary of ziplining and parasailing than curling up with a can of premium mixed nuts? Your guests are spontaneous people. Provide them with a variety of products in enticing packaging and they’ll treat themselves, because why not? In-Room Plus offers snacks and personal convenience kits for your hotel or home. Let’s be honest, a hotel is a home away from home. We believe your hotel’s minibar should offer all the comforts of home as well as a few pleasant surprises. Let In-Room Plus help with that.


  • Competitive Pricing

    Friendly rivalries never hurt anyone. In-Room Plus wants to be the best and we play to win which is why our prices stack up against other so-called minibar contenders.

  • Unmatched Design Services

    Our design team has loads of experience and a great eye for what sizzles and fizzles. Want to really set your business apart? Contact In-Room Plus about custom logo containers. If you’re not crazy about featuring your logo, allow In-Room Plus to get creative with inspiring label designs like experimenting with your city’s skyline, a photo of your property or a custom pattern.

  • No Charge On Setup Fees

    If you’re interested in carrying our snacks, wellness and pleasure kits in your hotel’s minibar, don’t worry about annoying startup fees. Just let us know and we’ll get you what you need.

  • Ship What You Want For Free

    Holding customers hostage with shipping prices never made any sense to us. That’s why we offer free freight with the minimum purchase. You don’t need to buy more than you’re comfortable handling just to save on shipping costs.

  • Women-Owned Business Enterprise

    What’s the benefit of dealing with a women-owned business certified by Empire State Development? Well aside from the fact that women know exactly what they want in a hotel room, you’re eligible for awesome perks like exclusive tax breaks.



  • Create Exclusive Custom Packaging

    It doesn’t get any more VIP than creating your own branded packaging. Deliver a constant reminder to your customers that your in-room hospitality and minibar items are top-notch.

  • Make Your Own Mix

    Just because you don’t see a specific snack listed here doesn’t mean you can’t have it. Hey, we’re open minded people. So if you have a tasty idea for a new trail mix or snack (no matter how crazy or off-the-wall it may seem) let us know! We’d love to hear it.

  • An Experienced Staff

    We’ve been in the minibar business for quite a long time. It doesn’t make us old. It makes us experienced. More importantly, it makes In-Room Plus your perfect business partner.

  • Focused Hospitality Supplier

    At the end of the day, In-Room Plus centers around end-use satisfaction and enjoyment. If your guests aren’t happy with your minibar products, then they’re unhappy with us. Everyone wants to be liked and we aim to please.