Corporate gifts are often purchased as a holiday or end of year gift for employees, clients, vendors and others. Those gifts are a thoughtful gesture, but if you’re only corporate gifting in December, you’re missing out on 11 months of prime opportunities to build loyalty, appreciation and brand visibility. Don’t miss out on the chance to make major gains for your business.

Far more than pens and peanuts, our team can customize any combination of our wide-range of products (from bridal party kits to treat towers) to seamlessly incorporate your--or their--name, branding, colors and more. What’s more, since there’s no additional charge to add a message or logo, these options can often be customized to your specific needs for less than our competitors’ standard, off-the-shelf products.

We also specialize in hotel amenities: those added in-room gifts from the hotel for VIPS or guests who check in during a birthday, anniversary or other celebration. Choose a few jars or tins to place in-room with a bottle of champagne, wine or bucket of beers to complete a memorable gesture. Some of our hotel clients even sell amenities packages on their websites so friends and loved ones can surprise guests accordingly.

Here are just a few ways to leverage corporate gifting throughout the year. Get creative to find thoughtful, on-brand gestures to keep your business top of mind.

Employee appreciation gifts: Whether given simultaneously to your entire staff, for service anniversaries, birthdays or as special achievement-based incentives, every employee loves to be appreciated and pampered. This can even help your employee satisfaction and retention rates! This is the time to reward that overachieving department with a custom product they’ll love.

Client Thank-You gifts: Show your valued clients and vendors how much you value their business with a thank you gift upon signing, after a big project or major buy, during their busiest season, or anytime.

Micromarketing campaigns: We can customize any product or package to help you get the word out about your business to a highly targeted group of prospective customers or clients.

Giveaways for events and trade shows: Need to stand out in a sea of cheap pens and brochures at your expo booth? Create custom giveaways to increase traffic, provide an incentive to sign up to learn more, and leave a lasting impression that won’t get lost in a stack of business cards.

Leave-behind for meetings: Whether you’re trying to win a new client or wrapping up a major collaboration, custom gifts are a wonderful leave-behind--or to gift at the event’s outset. Delicious snacks encourage big ideas!

How can In-Room plus help you make an impression in 2019? Visit our new corporate gifts page to learn more, or get in touch with your ideas. With our knowledge, expertise, and design team ready to customize, the sky's the limit!