We are helping to improve and reduce the carbon footprint and take care of our planet as much as possible. Many hotels have great initiatives set up to help reduce plastic waste. Our goal is to help hotels in their environmental initiatives by curating beautiful eco-friendly minibar offerings!

By going plastic-free in your minibar we are removing the plastic heat shrink seal and adding a custom printed label seal to match your hotel’s brand guidelines. This acts as a tamper-evident seal...because we know how important it is!

Our dedicated In-Room Plus team is always looking to provide alternatives that reduce unnecessary plastic waste. Choose from one, two, three, or all of the containers below and we'll help to curate your plastic-free minibar collection. Every little bit helps when it comes to reducing plastic use!

Classic Jar

Choose from a Silver, Black, or Gold lid and we'll make this a beautiful plastic-free option. Properties such as Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Mandarin Oriental New York & Canouan, The Carlyle New York City, Sheraton Maldives, and The Jacquard Hotel have incorporated this container into their minibar offerings.

Medium Flint Jar

A great option to tier with our Tall Flint Jar for a complete plastic free collection! Properties such as Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, L'Horizon & Colony Palms in Palm Springs have incorporated this conatiner into their minibar offerings.

Tall Flint Jar

We love the way this jar looks and making it plastic-free makes it that much more desirable. Fill with our delicious Gummy Bears or Gourmet Trail Mix and let the snacking begin!

Hinged Tin

Go plastic-free for your Couples Kit, First Aid Kit, or Dog Treats in our silver hinged tin. No more heat shrink seal needed!

More Mindful Packaging Options

Even though our Stand-Up Pouches are not 100% plastic-free they are a great solution when choosing a sustainable packaging option. We offer Silver and Kraft Stand-up Pouch options.

Do you want to know why our stand-up pouches are a great eco-friendly option?

The earth-conscious consumer gravitates towards a reusable product. The short lifespan of most packaging contributes to the growing problem and excess of waste. Because stand-up pouches are resealable and reusable, they produce far less waste than traditional single-use packaging.

Stand-up pouches are virtually a finished product, making them an ideal eco-friendly packaging choice. Pouches are heat sealable and require no plastic seals. Once they are labeled, filled, and heat-sealed…they are ready!

Stand-up pouches are also made with fewer materials. Empty pouches occupy less space than their rigid counterparts. As a result, stand-up pouches generate less waste after disposal. An empty pouch is flat, taking up as much space as a large or small envelope...therefore they take up very little room in the landfill. By switching to one of our stand-up pouches is another great eco-friendly solution!


All of our boxes have environmentally friendly packaging and printing material. They are produced with the environment in mind!

We use eco-friendly soy-based ink (instead of petroleum-based ink) on all of our boxes. Choose from our White, Silver, or Black boxes!


Another mindful container to keep in mind are our clear GEO cubes. This container gives you a clear view of the delicious snacks they are filled with and our 100% reusable. High quality, reusable packaging means there is life after the minibar!

Our Packaging Sustainability Goals

We set our goals high here at In-Room Plus and we're just getting started with what we can offer when it comes to eco-friendly packaging. We've sourced a 100% compostable bag that will allow our Box & Canister fills and Cello Bag offerings to be 100% compostable, vegan, and non-GMO...stay tuned it's only the beginning!