Evy Davis STAPLE Award

Ms. Everlyene Davis, known around In-Room Plus headquarters simply as “Ms. Davis”, is one of our longest standing employees. In her nearly two decades of service, Ms. Davis has become so beloved and appreciated by our entire team, we give our quarterly employee recognition award (the STAPLE award) in her honor. STAPLE exemplifies qualities found in our whole valued team, none more so than she:

Sense of Urgency

Time Management

Attention to Detail

Punctuality & Attendance




Ms Davis and The Joneses
Pictured: Ms. Davis & The Jones Family


We asked Ms. Davis to share a little about her 19 years (and counting!) and her warm, dedicated approach to working at In-Room Plus.


How long have you been on the In-Room Plus team?

17 years then I retired but came back and have been here for 2 more years


Why did you come back here after retiring?

I couldn’t stand sitting around! I wanted to be surrounded with the people I missed and keep my hands busy. I’m always so proud to say where I work.


How did you feel about the award created for you?

Really marvelous. What other company would do that for someone? I was so pleased and flattered that they think of me in such a nice way.


What would you be doing if you didn’t ever work at IRP?

I would probably be doing something with cooking. I love to cook and feed people.


How would you describe the Jones family (editor’s note: the family who owns and manages In-Room Plus)?

I think they are just a marvelous family. I’ve enjoyed working for such a beautiful family. I’ve been able to watch Elizabeth and Brett grow up and become such wonderful adults. I am so proud of what they have become. I always tell them that I’m their other grandma. I will always remember how nice Wanda was when I first started working here.


How do you spend your time when you are not at work?

Housework. I am always trying to improve my house. Cooking is something I am always doing too. If I’m not at home, I go to the Urban League Center to be with friends and just have fun. I say it’s a daycare for people of an older age.


What wisdom can you share with the younger generation?

You are the future. You are leading the way and need to always be positive. Always try to better yourself. If you mess up, learn from it. Everyone will mess up, but you just need to use it as a lesson.


If you could travel to any city in the world where would you go?

Disney! I would take all my children and grandchildren with me. I’ve been there once with the Make A Wish Foundation for my granddaughter. It was the best week spent with our family. I’d love to go back with everyone and have that experience again. (Editor’s note: This story has a happy ending: Her granddaughter is now a healthy adult!)


Which IRP product would you bring on your trip?

Gummy bears, I just love them.


Thank you, Ms. Davis, for truly exemplifying our core values. Being a small family-owned company allows In-Room Plus leadership to truly get to know our amazing team, and to recognize and celebrate them for the incredible work they do. Three cheers for Ms. Davis!