As hospitality takes on a new normal of heightened safety and sanitation protocols, providing a personalized and comfortable experience is what builds long-lasting relationships with loyal travelers. We’ve provided some options for continuing those thoughtful amenity programs that provide positive and memorable experiences to delight your returning guests! 

No minibar? No problem!

Minibar offerings are meant to be easy access for any craving, and by putting them on the in-room menu, guests will still have the option to indulge in delicious snacks with contactless service. Our products are always safely prepared, packaged, and sealed, so offering this as an option allows you and your guests to feel at ease and can still uphold the level of service luxury travelers are accustomed too!

With the rise in the hotel butler and as robots are refining the guest experience for safety and efficiency, the option to include your minibar as an addition to the room service menu will help to create a safe, efficient, and memorable experience for guests by automating the delivery of food, room supplies, or guest-requests and of course a few minibar snacks!

Complimentary Snacks
(and a Local Beverage!)

As virtual and contactless check-ins become customary, keeping branded jars or cello bags of our Roasted Cashews or Tropical Gummy Bears at the concierge desk is the perfect way to delight guests and celebrate their safe return to travel. 

If you really want to WOW your guests offer them a beer or beverage from a local brewery or distillery. Since beer and booze sales are down, help support your local brewer or distiller to create that perfect pairing! 

Sweets to Souvenirs 

Offering hotel-branded products like a jar of Milk Chocolate M&M's®, Swedish Fish, or Sour Patch Kids, in a gift shop, snack bar, or marketplace is a great option. Gourmet branded treats are also a great photo opportunity for Instagram and a fun little take-home item for satisfied guests looking to remember their stay. Check out the photo below taken of our products in the H Hotel Los Angeles Marketplace for inspiration!

Setting the Bar

Giving your guests the option of a sealed pouch or container filled with delicious savory snacks gives guests the option of a bar snack without the fear of an unsanitary open bowl while enjoying a socially distanced seat at the hotel bar. Roasted Cashews, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Smoked Almonds, Spicy Pecans, and Caramel Sea Salt Popcorn are perfect to pair with any custom cocktail and local boozy beverages.

The Perfect Travel Companion 

We are now offering Hand & Surface Sanitizing Kits! Our 80% Ethyl Alcohol Sanitizer is Made in the USA with the help of our In-Room Plus Team! By offering these kits at check-in or in-room; your guests can disinfect instantly utilize the provided mask inside and maintain a contactless, safe, healthy, clean, and socially distanced experience at your hotel. Check out all of our Sanitizing Kit options on our website here!