The NEW Veggie Snack Mix is available in our Large Silver Pouch. Your guests will love the taste of these colorful sweet potatoes, squash, taro, carrot, green bean, and purple sweet potato veggie chips as a healthy alternative!

Add some variety to your snacking options, RXBAR® Plant comes with an entirely new taste and texture in comparison to our classic RXBAR®. With the addition od oats, each bar features a soft, delicious texture combined with irresistible flavor to mix up your minibar offerings.


Offer your guests a more natural way to dream, recover, and wake up with the NEW Slumber CBN Sleep Aid Gummies + Melatonin. It's a 3-Day supply of blueberry and vanilla flavored gummies!


Smpl is a new kind of snack bar created to help nourish the body and enhance the mind. Made with balancing adaptogens and brain-boosting nootropics, Smpl has a bar for your every mood!


These Gummy Bears are a better alternative...they are Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, & Gelatin Free - that's how these delicious gummy bears started. Wholesome goodness that tastes "berry" good! 


These Potato Chips are low in fat, no trans fats, no saturated fat, low in calories, and low in salt [you don't need chips salty to have them taste great!]. Each can is carefully hand-filled. Just one bite and you will know it's truly the only all-natural handmade potato chip you will ever have!


Coated with a thick layer of yogurt coating for an extra sweet cookie that your guests & kids are sure to love! Each cracker is topped with colorful candy beads for a festive treat.


Some More Favorites!

Lemoncello Almonds: These roasted almonds are coated in a rich, white chocolate and then topped with a layer of delectable lemon cream!

Patchology® Sheet Masks & Eye Gels: Effective skin care is the best from of self care. Offer your guests a little spa day in their hotel room!

Alter Eco® Truffles: A chocolate-centric, sustainability-directed food company that takes indulgence to new heights.

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