Stand By Your Brand_In-Room Plus Custom Minibar Design

Offering your guests the same generic snacks in their minibars that are also available at the corner drugstore can sell your hotel short in more ways than one. But
you can position your property–and your minibar–for success through custom designed minibar products that become an automatic extension of your hotel’s unique brand.

Here are 3 key reasons to swap generic snacks for custom-branded minibar products:

Bring ‘Em Back

Curtiss Hotel Custom Minibar Set - In-Room Plus

It’s no secret that repeat guests bring in a sizeable portion of hospitality industry revenue. This means hotel properties need to create a unique, differentiated experience that will encourage guests to keep coming back. Customized minibar product offerings automatically become an extension of your hotel’s brand, ensuring that your guests receive a consistent brand experience throughout every aspect of their stay. This also increases the probability that they will remember your property the next time they need to book a reservation.

Love Connection

Barton & Gray Custom Minibar Set - In-Room Plus

Guests often balk at in-room minibar prices. But customers who are fully engaged with a brand are less sensitive to price because their emotional connection overrides their cost concerns. Offering a tailored selection of high-quality, creatively branded minibar products that extends the brand and creates an emotional connection with guests is an optimal way to enhance engagement, remove price barrier, and boost overall in-room minibar product sales. Avoiding the tendency to go overboard with high prices and service charges will also always make a guest feel like they made the right decision by trusting your brand.  

It’s A Setup

Cosmopolitan Custom Minibar Set - In-Room Plus

Trying to creatively arrange a selection of mismatched, individually branded minibar snack products can be frustrating and time-consuming. But an inventive and carefully designed custom minibar product selection will provide you with an opportunity to easily and quickly merchandise your offerings. A unique product display also provides your guests with a branded, luxury experience and promotes immediate product engagement and indulgence, effectively boosting your in-room minibar revenue.