At Your Service

You don’t have to own a hotel to take advantage of the In-Room Plus service benefits. We welcome any type of customer no matter how big or small the order. Everyone should be able to enjoy our minibar items and the ways in which we add value to hotel owners and patrons.

  • The Big Picture

    So you want to know how In-Room Plus works? Well it’s not simple. There are a lot of moving parts. We adopted Henry Ford’s assembly line model in our filling and packaging plant so each person is responsible for a certain task. It doesn’t just apply to production however. This model’s consistent throughout the company. We all understand we have a job to do. When one person takes ownership of their work, the next person follows. It’s the model of efficiency we strive for at In-Room Plus. Oh, and providing the tastiest minibar snacks and desirable personal kits. We do that too.

  • Product Pipeline

    Forgive us for a brief moment as we speak in sweeping generalities. Variety is the spice of life. Trying new things is important. In-Room Plus is continuously developing fresh and exciting products for your customers and ours. This includes new product lines, more custom packaging options and stunning new design concepts that fit your brand. Our philosophy is that the more options we provide, the happier our customers become. More product and packaging choices helps bring out the best in our staff, helps you realize your business’ full potential and keeps those who enjoy our snacks and kits coming back for more.

  • Minibars Made Easy

    In-Room Plus doesn’t just fulfill orders and send them out all over the world. We use more finesse than that. It’s an intuitive process. Take our Minibar Pre-Pack program for example. You order as much minibar snacks and supplies as you want. What we do is send you one box per room to get each one of your rooms set up with a deliciously fancy minibar. Why? This process cuts down on the time it takes to stage and sort minibar items. Plus it reduces the need for extra immediate storage. Then we ship the right amount of back stock to replace items as they get consumed. Ask us how much stock you should have on hand. We’re pros at this and want nothing more than to see your minibar program succeed. The Minibar Pre-Pack does require a very small additional fee, but trust us, it’s worth it.

  • Environmentally Responsible

    We get really ticked off when people don’t recycle. In fact, we find it downright rude. It’s like punching Mother Nature in the face. Who punches moms? Mean people, that’s who. We don’t like mean people. That’s why we do our part to produce environmentally friendly packaging. Whether it’s a carton made of recycled cardboard and soy-based ink or a package that can easily be turned into something else after all the snacks are gone. (Like our plastic cocktail shaker container for example.) In-Room Plus does it’s best to dispose of waste responsibly. We respectfully ask that you do the same.

  • We Speak the Same Language

    In-Room Plus believes that worldwide travel broadens the mind. Our business model subscribes to the same theory. We ship all over the world. We also understand that not everyone speaks English. (Shocking, we know.) If you need your packaging to be in Russian, Arabic, French, Esperanto, Klingon, or some language we’ve never even heard of, In-Room Plus can make it happen. We have partners all over the world, including Eaglestar Amenities in Canada. They’re able to break down any cultural or linguistic barrier. We’ll also work directly with your existing shipping forwarder to make sure you safely receive your entire order.

Frequent Buyer Program

We totally understand that you keep coming back for more In-Room Plus products. This sort of thing happens all the time. We get it. That’s why we started the Frequent Buyer Program. Return customers are rewarded with exclusive discounts, perks and benefits. It’s pretty simple really. The more you buy, the more you save!

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