in The Mix: The Evolution & Revolution of the W Hotels Minibar

Anyone who has been to a W Hotels property can attest to the fact that this clever, cheeky and original hospitality brand sees the world through a lens of limitless possibilities and thrives on maintaining a bold and consistent visual identity. Their brand manifesto states that their “irreverent attitude and taste for excess redefine revelry for the modern jet set.”

And their in-room minibar product design is certainly no exception.

W Hotels began their minibar makeover journey 13 years ago with an inventive and carefully designed collection of heavily branded geometric containers that created the opportunity to easily and quickly merchandise their in-room offerings to guests. Their unique product display also provided a branded, luxury experience and promoted immediate product engagement and indulgence, effectively boosting in-room minibar revenue.

Gina Villacres, Beverage & Food Talent Coach for W Hotels, confirmed our philosophy that offering a tailored selection of high-quality, creatively branded minibar products that create an emotional connection with guests is an optimal way to enhance engagement, remove price barrier and boost overall in-room minibar product sales. Gina comments “Currently our minibar is doing really well. We like to change up the flavors to test out which ones are more popular. Many guests are very pleased with the amount of items available at their fingertips–especially when they forget certain necessities like chargers, kits, etc.”

The W Hotels product selection has been carefully curated, and much like their vibrant and authentic brand, has strategically evolved over the years. Here is a visual rundown of the minibar product line evolution over the past decade. We think you’ll agree that these minibar products embody the W Hotels energy and, in the words of their brand, “live it up, light it up, and keep it fun.” Now what hotel guest wouldn’t like that?

W Hotels Minibar 2004
W Hotels Minibar 2005
W Hotels Minibar 2009
W Hotels Minibar 2011
W Hotels Minibar 2015