While we all love to savor snacks from a hotel minibar, you might assume that if you’ve seen one minibar, you’ve seen them all. Not so! In fact, we’re so impressed with the on-brand touches and innovative ideas many of our clients have designed into their hospitality programs, we can’t keep the fun to ourselves. We’re launching a new blog series today: thinking outside the minibar. In each installment, we’ll highlight the creativity of one of our amazing In-Room Plus clients, and ask them to provide practical tips and spark inspiration.


Barton and Gray yacht
Image source: www.bartonandgray.com


To kick things off in nautical style, we asked Tori Welch, Member Services & On Board Provisioning for Barton & Gray Mariners Club, to share her insights into how the company thinks outside the minibar.


Tell us a little about Barton & Gray.

“Barton & Gray Mariners Club provides its members with unlimited access to a fleet of more than 25 captained Hinckley Yachts ranging in size from 36’ – 44’ from 22 locations along the East Coast & Great Lakes. Harbors include Boston, Greenwich, NYC, The Hamptons, Chicago, Palm Beach, Key Largo, Naples, and beyond. The yachts are berthed at the finest marinas and resorts available, and there is no limit to the number of trips a member can take. An in-house concierge team curates each outing to ensure unforgettable experiences on the water.”


How is your hospitality program different than a traditional hotel minibar? What have you added to give it your brand's unique touch?

“We are a members-only yacht club. The products are offered to our members aboard all of our yachts. We have boat-friendly packaging that makes it easy to see the product and our logo stands out. It is a novelty to our members.”


Barton and Gray minibar snack package


What are your hottest sellers? Why do you think this is?

“For some reason the Swedish Fish are a HUGE hit! Must have something to do with being on the water and eating candied fish!”


What's one piece of advice for others looking to revamp or refresh their minibar/in-room hospitality program or offerings, based on your own success?

“Having the right packaging and product makes all the difference. We went through a period of trial and error. We tried one style and it was not working on our boats. We changed it up the next round and we have now found the perfect combo! With so many options, there is a perfect combo for everyone!”


Barton and Gray Swedish Fish


What do you love about working with the In-Room Plus team?

“The team is super easy to work with! They are responsive, quick, and make ordering a breeze!


Time to start thinking outside your minibar? Get in touch with us today for some expert advice!