In just a few short years, technological innovations have changed the way hospitality does business and more importantly, what guests expect from their stays. As we get ready to close the books on 2023, let’s take a look at some of the trends motivating travelers in 2024.



Predictive AI is increasingly being leveraged to anticipate your guests' needs, taking much of the guess-work out of what hoteliers used to have to do manually. Using data to personalize offerings to go beyond traditional hospitality services, like customized dietary-specific minibars or kid-friendly amenities, makes guests feel like you’re going above and beyond.


Mobile Everything

The world is still riding the contact-free coattails of the pandemic, and many people have grown to prefer it. Go beyond mobile check-in and room keys - let guests scroll through drinks, snacks, and amenities and have them delivered to their rooms (with a robot?). This cuts down on labor intensive minibar cleaning and stocking, and greatly reduces waste and tampering.

Minibar products being delivered via robot
Robot delivery at Westin Buffalo



If you haven’t jumped on the eco-wagon just yet, now is the time. You don’t have to sacrifice luxury to be sustainable. Sourcing locally grown organic food and reducing waste can look good and make your guests feel good about their purchasing decisions. Switching to low-flow bathroom fixtures, allowing guests to choose how often their towels and sheets are changed, and moving to plastic-free and compostable packaging where possible are easy ways to be green.

Four Seasons Miami plastic-free minibar setPlastic-free minibar packaging for Four Seasons Miami


Curate for the ‘gram

Being Instagram-able is still worth its salt. User-generated content shared on platforms like Instagram and TripAdvisor heavily influence travelers’ decision-making process, especially as the ever-aesthetically-conscious Gen Z grows up into the market. Make your property, from the lobby seating area to the in-room minibar, insta-worthy and let your guests market it for you!


Health & Wellness

State of the art gyms and saunas only go so far! Better sleep, better mindfulness, and better nutrition are all cited as important aspects of wellness to consumers. According to, more than 40% of travelers say they are likely to book a detox trip in the next year. Integrate ways for guests to feel good into every aspect of their stay, from bath bombs to aromatherapy, superfood-loaded snacks to sleep supplements.

Wellness KitWellness Kit includes Liquid IV® hydration supplement, Aromatherapy cream, Face & Hand Refresher Wipes, and Advil®


In short, don’t shy away from tech that can improve your bottom line and make guest satisfaction skyrocket. You CAN have it both ways!