Since 2015, National Packaging Design Day has been observed on May 7th. Package design nerds like us use this day to reflect upon the innovations and trends that drive the craft, especially when it comes to food packaging. Take a look at four food packaging design trends that have been all the rage:



When it comes to food, sometimes the best strategy is to let the product do most of the talking. Minimalist food packaging with clean typography and vibrant product imagery or clear windows conveys a sense of no-nonsense utility and highlights the natural attributes of the product itself.

In-Room Plus's Cashew Pouch design

Design by Ruiz+Company


Sustainable Packaging

You can’t walk down the aisle of the grocery store without taking notice of the massive shift towards more environmentally-friendly packaging options. This is a trend that is here to stay, with more and more brands opting for compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable materials and inks. This style often includes craft paper and earthy color palettes to convey a planet-friendly vibe. While brands are jumping on this bandwagon because eco-friendly is in vogue, we’ll call this trend a net-positive for mother earth!

Compostable packaging from LovingEarth



The vintage-inspired design trends that have been popping up in food packaging tell us that consumers are nostalgic for the quality and craft of yesteryear. Think high-quality and reusable tins you may see in a vintage shop with maximalist typography, bold shapes, and punchy colors. These motifs are bleeding over into food packaging no matter what the material.

Amarelli Italian Licorice packaging by Angelini Design

Minibar snacks for Hotel 1928



In the same vein, we are seeing a retro-revival in a big way! The poppy, playful, and energetic designs of the 1960s and 70s have been dominating the snack packaging space lately, marked by bold typography and cheeky colors.

Retro-inspired packaging from Chilli Bomba


Next time you are walking down the grocery store aisle and reach for something because the packaging called to you, thank a designer! Happy snacking!