In-Room Plus Minibar Cocktail Kit

Minibar mixed drinks are convenient, but they aren’t always exactly craft cocktails. If you’re tired of the same old plain vodka and soda routine, our Cocktail Kit can help you elevate your drinks to bartender-quality libations in a few simple steps. Best of all, because you don’t have to leave your hotel room, pants are optional!

The Cocktail Kit contains:
True Lemon flavor packet
True Lime flavor packet
Regular liquid sugar
Mint flavored liquid sugar
2 mini bottles of bitters
A booklet containing 7 craft-quality recipes you can make using only these ingredients + your minibar liquors.

Our resident bartender, William, demonstrates how to whip up a delicious Vodka Gimlet using the Cocktail Kit and your minibar bottles:


And while we encourage you to drink responsibly, we also have you covered in the event one drink turns into a few, with our Hangover Essentials Kit (containing 5-Hour Energy, Foldable Wayfarer-Style Sunglasses, Breath Mints, Band-Aids, and Advil Tablets)!