Last year on Earth Day, we shared the little environmentally-friendly steps In-Room Plus takes each day to create big impact. Today, we’re pleased to announce our latest step: our new line of plastic-free custom minibar packaging. 

These containers are all now available plastic-free:
• Gummy Bear Jar
• Medium or Tall Flint Jars
• Classic Jar
• Wire Jar
• Hinged Tins (for Couples Kit, First Aid Kit, and Dog Treats)

More properties and organizations are looking to minimize their own minibar footprint; our stylish plastic- and shrinkwrap-free options can be custom printed or designed to match any hotel’s brand guidelines (or kept simple with a small silver seal). For example, Iberostar’s chic 70 Park Avenue Hotel in Manhattan has led the way in adopting plastic-free minibar selections.

Single-use plastic, while useful and versatile, is notoriously difficult to break down, taking up to 1,000 years to degrade. As a result, giant garbage patches (one twice the size of Texas) float in our oceans, marine animals are often entangled or poisoned by it, and the entire planet suffers from our over-reliance on plastic products and packaging. While minibar products alone obviously won’t be enough to turn the tide, we believe every step in the right direction can make an impact and help change the culture. That’s why we’re delighted to offer a new, responsible (and beautiful!) choice.

Happy Earth Day from all of us at In-Room Plus. What small steps have your properties taken toward being environmental stewardship? We’d love to hear your ideas and success stories in the comments.