Keeping It Weird: Top 10 Most Memorable Minibar Items

It’s no secret that modern in-room minibar product offerings extend well beyond the items inside the refrigerated unit itself. Many hotels focus on making their minibar amenity programs a very significant component of guest travel experience, as evidenced by the recent
Vogue article “Minibar Mania” which gives a descriptive summary of some of the most delectable and desirable in-room minibar offerings across the globe.

In addition to boosting TripAdvisor reviews, minibar offerings can earn your hotel property some serious coolness points–especially if you toss in a few off-the-wall items to get your guests attention and set your property apart.

Bon Appétit

The Renaissance Paris République Hotel provides some very tres chic snacking options, including Roasted Grasshoppers in sun-dried tomato and basil flavor, for adventurous guests who are looking to consume a hearty protein snack and still save room for their escargot entree.

Add Perspective

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach offers a selfie-stick in their minibar, for ambitious tourists aiming to upgrade their vacation portraits by capturing all the background scenes, sights and art deco design of the American Riviera. Get ready for some serious Instagram selfies, folks back home!

Cathartic Cubism

The Godfrey Hotel in Boston offers a complimentary Rubiks Cube in the minibar so guests can bring out their inner puzzle-solving genius, perhaps while waiting (and waiting) for their significant other to get ready for a wicked awesome day exploring Beantown.

Channel Your Inner Pee-Wee

W Hotels Minibar Emergency Bowtie

W South Beach Miami offers an emergency bow-tie kit for those unplanned occasions when guests need to transform themselves from normal to formal. With a long history of living around the necks of those who aren’t afraid to make a statement, this item is perfectly at home in the minibar of the W South Beach.

Who Let The Dogs In

Pier One Sydney Harbour hotel in Australia has a minibar specifically for its four-legged visitors. Beef jerky, doggie toys and tendon treats are on the menu for all pups, so Fido doesn’t need to be an Australian Shepherd to enjoy this well-curated canine amenity selection. But it might help.

Champagne Campaign

Champagne Dreams Gummy Bears

Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh offers delicious “Champagne Dreams” gourmet gummies for those who would prefer to chew through their happy hour and save the liquid libations for after dinner.

Bring The Noise

The Epicurean Hotel in Tampa lulls its guests into a deep slumber with a sound machine which comes with ten pre-recorded, soothing sounds. And since the hotel is uber-focused on its culinary delights, you can rest assured that the sound of sizzling bacon is part of the repertoire.

Beyond Black Coffee

In-Room Plus Hangover Kit

Conrad Hotel in Dublin, Ireland offers their guests a Hangover Essentials Kit in the minibar. The contents of this kit include a bottle of 5-Hour Energy, Advil liquid capsules, a pair of collapsible sunglasses, candy dish mints and two band-aids, providing relief to those travelers who enjoyed a late night in the pub followed by an early morning exploring the countryside with family.

Breathe Deep

The Kimpton Sky Hotel in Aspen offers travel-size oxygen tanks to help guests combat the effects of its 7,945 ft. altitude location. Since the hotel is nestled at the base of Aspen Mountain, this minibar offering allows guests to acclimate to the elevation and recharge for their outdoor adventures.

Ooh La La

The Out Hotel in NYC conveniently offers its guests a Pleasure Kit in the minibar, which features everything from lubricant to erotic toys for those enjoying a cozy and exciting night in.



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