It’s hard to believe 2018 has come and (nearly!) gone. We’ve certainly stayed busy as we celebrated quite the milestone year with our friends and customers, celebrating our 30th Anniversary. Along the way, we’ve regularly shared blog posts highlighting favorite products, destinations, clients, employees, industry news and trends. And of our dozens of posts, here are the 6 In-Room Plus articles you loved most this year.

6. Thinking Outside the Minibar: Barton & Gray Mariners Club

Thinking Outside the Minibar is a blog series we began to show off some of the many ways our clients work with In-Room Plus to create truly innovative hospitality programs, and to spark inspiration for every minibar manager on small, creative touches that can make big impact. Barton & Gray’s custom selection of onboard-yacht snacks for its members are so on-brand (what better to nosh on the water than Swedish fish!) and delighted our readers.

5. In The Mix: The Evolution and Revolution of the W Hotels Minibar

This 2017 post continued to be a favorite this year, likely because our client, W Hotels, continues to be such a noteworthy and original brand. This deep dive into their minibar and brand packaging evolution is a master class for any brand who wants to balance elegance with personality in a way guests love.

4. 30 Tips for a Successful Minibar

As part of our 30th anniversary celebration, we put together a quick and easy list of practical tips to refresh and elevate your minibar. Covering everything from security to sunglasses, this post is packed with helpful, actionable advice our readers read and shared often.

3. Keeping it Weird: Top 10 Most Memorable Minibar Items

From roasted grasshoppers to complimentary in-room Rubik’s Cubes, readers continued to devour this 2017 round-up of our clients’ most out-of-the-box minibar menu items and in-room amenities.

2. Tricks of the Trade: How to Prevent Minibar Theft & Product Tampering

We combined our own insights with interviews from experts at top client properties, to provide real-world advice that can save you money and hassle. This practical guide to protecting your product (and your bottom line) is a perennial favorite.

And our number one post of 2018 is… (drumroll)


1. Keeping Up With The Joneses: The Story Behind In-Room Plus

We’re proud to be an independent, family-owned business. And we believe our biggest asset is simple: our people. To help acknowledge our 30th anniversary, we were thrilled to be able to share the history and story of how the Jones family has led In-Room Plus from its humble beginnings to an industry leader providing high-quality and custom minibar products, packages, event favors and more.

From the Jones family and our entire In-Room Plus team, have a warm, safe and happy holiday season. Here’s to more helpful posts and great collaboration in the year to come.

What was your favorite In-Room Plus post of 2018? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!