Before all those products and packages get to your minibar, they have to be designed! After all, pulling a treat from a plain bag or cardboard box wouldn’t be fun or eye-catching. In-Room Plus’ expert design team consists of a pair of hardworking, talented pros: Kristen Goeller, senior designer, with the company for 3 years, and Emily Zajac, graphic designer, with the company almost 2 years.


In-Room Plus Design Team Spotlight


Kristen and Emily help grow in-room programs by designing custom products that feel like a natural extension of their customers’ brands. While they’re able to follow even the most intricate brand specs and style guides, they also love to flex some creative muscle whenever appropriate. For example, for the prestigious W Hotel brand, Emily explains, “we refresh their presentation every couple of years to keep up with their innovative, ever-evolving brand, and we develop unique essentials kits that evoke their style and voice. Several other notable hotels have partnered with In-Room Plus because we offer custom design services, which brings the hotel vision to fruition and in turn, boosts sales and guest satisfaction.”


In-Room Plus’ dynamic design duo also works closely with the sales and operations teams to design specific products, packages and menus for brands, participating in the full marketing life cycle from conception to production. Sharing a physical space with In-Room Plus’ production facility makes it possible to communicate and collaborate quickly to create something great for hotels and other businesses and organizations. From wedding favors to promotional giveaways, the team does it all. Their outstanding, wide-ranging work has been recognized with numerous awards, most recently including two 2017 Silver Addy Awards.


To better get to know the design team, we asked them a few fun travel and minibar questions. Here are some highlights:


If I were a minibar product, I would be:

Kristen: Skittles because I'm sweet and colorful :)

Emily: Sweet & spicy pecans, because I'm a healthy balance between nice & zesty, and I am great to have a drink with.


My favorite in-room amenity/snack is:

Kristen: Sweet & spicy pecans! They are SO delicious, not too messy (and I'm prone to making a mess). Plus I imagine they would be amazing on top of ice cream, which is a major staple in my diet.

Emily: Swedish Fish, because they're "a fat free food"!


My favorite hotel/getaway so far has been:

Kristen: My trip out West to Montana & Wyoming. I was able to visit Yellowstone & ski Big Sky, Montana and Jackson Hole, Wyoming all in one trip!

Emily: The Dupont Circle in Washington DC, which is right smack in the middle of a charming residential neighborhood, but a nice healthy walking distance away from all the touristy spots. Plus a killer minibar ;)


My dream destination is:

Kristen: Fiji. A Google image search will explain.

Emily: Iceland, where you can experience awe-inspiring remote nature and historical urban landscapes in one fell swoop.


My design is most inspired by:

Emily: The concept of minimalism, which in turn produces efficient and meaningful designs.


When I'm not at my desk, you can find me:

Kristen: Doing one of my favorite outdoor activities - skiing, softball and volleyball. Or at home with my golden retriever. I also love cooking and anything involving the company of my friends.

Emily: Walking neighborhood dogs and also pointing out all the other dogs I see.


The thing I love most about working at In-Room Plus is:

Kristen: Getting to work with and discover new properties. I always find myself adding to my bucket list of "places to see.”

Emily: The variety of projects I get to be involved in, from product development, to internal marketing, to photography, to package design. No two days are the same!

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