It probably comes as no surprise to hear that we love minibars. Traditional, innovative, themed--we like ‘em all. That said, we also tremendously enjoy working with companies who imagine new and creative ways to share our products with their valued customers. Our blog series Thinking Outside the Minibar recognizes some of these incredible In-Room Plus clients, highlighting their great ideas and refreshing approaches to hospitality and customer loyalty programs.

Alder & Tweed is a boutique wholesale furniture company headquartered in California. We asked the company’s owner Leslie Humphrey to share her insights into how Alder & Tweed thinks outside the minibar:

Alder & TweedPhoto:

Tell us a little bit about Alder & Tweed, and your unique approach to marketing at trade shows.

As a boutique wholesale furniture company, Alder and Tweed Furniture staff attend four trade shows a year on both the East and West Coast. We display our products in permanent showrooms located in Las Vegas, Nevada and High Point, North Carolina.

Our customers, from large retailers such as R.C. Wiley, Mors Furniture and Nebraska Furniture to small individual stores and small 3-8 store chains, come to each of these markets to meet, see new product and place orders. It is a busy time and often our buyers go from appointment to appointment with little or no time to grab a snack, drink or meal! With this in mind, we designed our showrooms to have refreshment centers which are self-service and open to all.

Alder & Tweed Amenities

How does offering our products make you stand out from your competitors? How do you add your brand's touch?

We keep a glass front refrigerator full of chilled soft drinks and flavored waters and shelves lined with jars filled with small snacks. We make certain everything is easy to grab and go so that anyone who needs a snack or “pick me up” can grab something while shopping or take with them.

How do people react to your offerings? What are their favorite products?

It’s become a great tradition and has really set us apart, no one else had an open snack area when we first introduced it and we have become quite famous for it!

Our customers love and request our In-Room Plus snacks, especially spicy pecans, chocolate gummy bears and small packages of Jelly Bellys. In fact, it’s often why they come to our showroom, they know we will always have their favorite snacks.

Alder & Tweed Amenities Snacks

What is one piece of advice for other retailers looking to step up their trade-show game?

Show customers that you value them and want to take good care of them, especially during a very busy, hectic or stressful time.

What do you love about working with the In-Room Plus team?

Our sister company began ordering In-Room Plus snacks before we did and we saw how much their customers loved them. That’s when we made the decision to order them for our first furniture trade show, and have continued ever since. I cannot thank Cait, our In-Room Plus customer service rep, enough. She is amazing and so helpful. Both Alder & Tweed Home and Alder & Tweed Furniture are so happy with In-Room Plus and their great service!

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