While we’re proud to serve a range of top hotel properties, we supply snacks to a plethora of clients in far-reaching industries and verticals. We’re so impressed with the unique, personal touch some of our clients built into their hospitality or client-appreciation programs, we launched a new blog series last summer called Thinking Outside the Minibar. In each installment, one of our amazing In-Room Plus clients shares practical tips and inspiration on how to bring a creative touch that steps beyond a standard minibar set-up.

Towne BMW Amenities

Towne BMW is a dealership located in Williamsville, New York, which serves an area including Buffalo and all of Western New York. We asked Towne’s own Monica Fisher to share her insights:


Tell us a little bit about your BMW dealership and how your approach to the customer sets you apart from your competition?

At Towne BMW we want to redefine the luxury car buying experience with a personalized approach to meeting your next vehicle. Whether you are visiting Towne BMW for the first time or taking delivery of your Ultimate Driving Machine we want to make the process memorable and special.   


Towne BMW Dog Treats 

What are their favorite products and why do you think that is?

Our pet parents are especially fond of the gourmet BMW dog treats with a full organic ingredient label for their best friend. Often these special treats lead to photos and stories and a new level of customer engagement.


What's one piece of advice for others looking to step up their customer relations game?

We believe that customers never forget how you make them feel.


What do you love about working with the In-Room Plus team?

We were thrilled to learn that a company creating high-end packaging for luxury hotel minibars has a long history right here in Buffalo! In-Room Plus helped us customize premium, color-matched, branded products that are delivered quickly and efficiently so our customers know how much we appreciate them. Thank you, In-Room Plus, for helping us enhance their experience at Towne BMW.


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