Whether it’s a medical necessity, a religious adherence, or a personal lifestyle choice, dietary restrictions can make menus and minibar choices feel slim or even totally off-limits. But we believe everyone should enjoy the right to select the perfect snack for them! That’s why we offer a wide selection of products, so even those with dietary restrictions can indulge and enjoy.

Here’s an example of three dietary restrictions for which we offer a broad range of tasty products:




Keeping your diet plant-based shouldn’t mean it can’t also be tasty and fun. Sure, we offer a wealth of health-conscious choices like Raw Almonds, Clif Bars and Luna Bars, and savory snacks like Late July Sandwich Crackers and Popchips, but we also provide options for the vegan with a sweet tooth, like Swedish Fish!

Please note: While the foods themselves contain no animal-related ingredients, some are produced in facilities that make non-vegan food. Always check directly with the manufacturer if this is a concern.





We offer dozens of gluten-free snacks, making it easy to satisfy any craving! Archer Jerky and Roasted & Salted Cashews pack plenty of protein. Rx Bars and Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups are great on the go! Sour Patch Kids and Toblerone even give the gluten-free some choice dessert options.


Emmy's Macaroons


Are some of your guests keeping kosher? We can help. Bixby & Co. Bars, Byrd’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Emmy’s Macaroons, including all their ingredients, are certified kosher, which means they have been made to a specific set of quality, preparation and cleanliness standards for those who adhere to the diet in observance of the Jewish faith.

Do your guests have other restrictions? We can help! From nut-free to non-GMO to Keto diet friendly, we offer products that work with nearly all combinations of dietary restrictions. Search for your product classification on our website or contact us today with any questions or to tailor your order for the needs of your guests. We’ve always got your snack!