What do we hear from clients constantly?

I am using a vendor and they won't guarantee shelf life, or they'll only offer 60 or 90 days on products. How many of you got burned on that in the past year?

As a result, we’ve launched our 5, 7, 9 initiative to guarantee shelf life because we know that’s critical! An expired product hits your bottom line where it hurts. In-Room Plus will work with its partners of 30+ years to ensure we provide you with the products your guests will love, at prices you can trust and shelf life that's guaranteed.

While we can't guarantee everything, we have created a list of products that we can offer at 5 or more months, 7 or more months, and 9 or more months of shelf life. If something falls under our guarantee, we promise to get in touch with you to approve a shorter expiry date.

Partner with us for a successful program that won't expire anytime soon!