With the rise of social media marketing, unprecedented connectivity, and ever-evolving tech advances, hoteliers need to keep a watchful eye on the trends and behaviors of their consumers. Here are a few trends that seem to be here to stay in the tourism industry and tips on how to seamlessly evolve your cool for your market.

It’s Keen to be Green


A 2016 survey shows that tourists prefer booking their vacations at “green” hotels. Properties that boast the use of eco-friendly fabrics and materials, employ recycling programs such as the Clean the World Foundation that recycles unused hotel soaps, and source from social and environmentally responsible companies can put you on the map for ecotourists.

Content is King

(photo: Trip Advisor)

If it’s not social media-worthy, millennials (who now make up the bulk of travelers) won’t show. Engaging this demographic is as easy as establishing a photo opportunity for them, whether it be a brightly patterned wall in the lobby or a luxuriously accessorized vignette around the in-room bar cart (à la The Beekman Hotel, pictured above).


Hometown Hero

Tying together travelers’ love for responsibly sourced goods and insta-worthy experiences, the importance of “local” is key. Show your hometown pride by offering local craft beer in the minibar, incorporating artwork from local artists, and redefine your hotel lounge as a community center in your neighborhood. Travelers are looking for authenticity and experiencing the uniqueness of the local culture during their stay.


Wealth of Wellness


The wellness industry has risen to a staggering $3.7 trillion market, with the largest sector being beauty and anti-aging. Hotels are embracing their customers’ vision of health beyond the spa to include tech-compatible fitness centers and healthy snack options offered in-room instead of the standard chips and chocolate.

Back to Basics

Referring to aesthetics and lifestyle combined, “minimalism” is the buzzword. Boutique hotels are employing the minimal practice in their guest room design and offerings, paring down once lengthy lists of menu items to a few curated, thoughtful options that cater to their audience. In a world of ever-refreshing social media feeds and on-demand anything, travelers appreciate the simplicity that hotels are moving towards.