Let’s face it: New Year’s resolutions usually aren’t worth the shiny new gym membership cards they’re printed on. That’s because big changes often require a major investment—the kind we tend to burn out on a few short weeks after swearing to do better this year.

Great news: we’ve rounded up these seven easy, affordable (or even free!), totally doable tweaks to make to your in-room program. These simple improvements can yield significant positive impact for your business while also delighting guests. Commit a little time to each, and your program will be in great shape throughout 2018.


Perk Up Your Presentation

Noble House minibar snacks
Labels looking a little outdated or dilapidated? Utilize our top-notch, in-house design team to refresh label shapes, sizes and designs to maximize presentation and spur sales.


Prune Your Products
Numbers don’t lie. Check your sales logs to identify last year’s lowest sellers. Either remove them or find a way to display or market them more strategically.


Keep Your Pros in the Know

Sheraton custom minibar
Remind all staff (at minimum, this should include housekeeping, front desk, bellhop, porters, management and group/banquet sales) on the presentation and other relevant details of your in-room program. Be sure your front desk staff and management fully understand your policies on in-room charges so they can in turn share the information with guests, for a seamless check-in/check-out experience. (Pro tip: Want to keep their interest up during training? Share some free samples from your in-room menu!)


Point Guests to Your In-Room Program
Brainstorm new and effective ways to point guests to your minibar in an organic way. For example, share enticing photos of in-room treats on your property’s social media handles (or create a special hashtag and invite guests to show off their in-room indulgences), create a front desk/lobby display, or provide lobby samples or special promotions during your lobby or manager’s happy hour.


Create Seasonal Sizzle

In-Room Plus Winter Essentials
Whether your peak season is summer or ski season, guests love packages that help them savor the current season. Add a little (pumpkin) spice to each portion of the year to keep your in-room program relevant and in-demand.


Price it Right
Overpricing your minibar snacks? That’s so 2013. Today’s most successful in-room programs offer products tailored for the brand at a reasonable price. Consider your demographics and price accordingly. A reasonably priced program will turn a larger profit in the long run than those with obviously overinflated costs..


Find New Favorites
There are so many fun and innovative products to love this year. Take a moment to order samples from us on bestsellers and new favorites.


Need a little extra push to reach your goals? Consider us your friendly personal trainer. We’re here anytime to answer questions and help tailor a program, product or custom package to the exact needs and wants of your guests. Visit inroomplus.com to take the first step in toning and tightening your in-room program. Hey, it beats push-ups!