March Minibar Madness

It’s that time of year: college hoops are getting ready for the Big Dance. Is your minibar ready to score big points with snacking sports fans?

Sure, you’ll have plenty of cold beer and salty snacks for purchase. But a great in-room program can take an exciting basketball tournament to a buzzer beating party atmosphere!

At In-Room Plus, we’re getting into the spirit with our own product brackets. Who will win these exciting March Minibar Madness matchups?


Resale Vs. Designer Canisters

® vs. Banana Moon Cookies | WINNER: Banana Moon 

Before you default to stocking only major name brands in your minibar, consider the cost. These brands are easily stolen and replaced with the same product from the corner convenience store, costing you money. Our Banana Moon Cookies are delicious, exclusive and offer at least six months longer shelf life. Our premium canister packaging ensures they stay fresh, look great and prevent theft.

Custom Package Vs. Resale Package

Custom Branded & Packaged vs. Resale Packaging Swedish Fish® | WINNER: Custom Branding

Some products are recognizable and beloved for taste and shape over package recognition. Swedish Fish are one such example. Your in-room program can swim upstream by adding your hotel’s unique custom branding and attractive, stay-fresh packaging to better show off a higher perceived value for a product customers know and love.


Pringles Vs. Speakeasy Chips

Pringles® vs. Speakeasy Chips | WINNER: This one’s tied & going into overtime!

Pringles chips have a great shelf life and brand recognition. The canisters and resealable lids also make them perfect to eat while traveling. However, our own brand of Speakeasy Chips offers a unique, upscale and delicious crunch with built in theft protection. This intense overtime may see a cinderella story out of the Speakeasy Chip underdog, but either option is sure to satisfy your guests!




Mash-up of snacks from the corner store vs. fully customized & branded minibar set | 
WINNER: Custom branded set wins in a blowout!

Our custom design services can make any in-room program look like a champion. Go beyond stocking the expected--bust through the hotel brackets and show your guests what makes your hotel a great and memorable place to stay, snack and support their team!

To start your own March Minibar Madness, visit us at