2019 may be nearly over, but our trusty and time-tested blog tips will last far after the glittering ball drops over Times Square. We’ve gathered a countdown of the top 7 posts we published this year, along with three of our all-time greatest traffic grabbers.

Brand and content managers, take note: Our readers most loved getting up-close looks at our custom-branded collaborations with top hotels, diving into top industry trends and tips, and learning to think outside the minibar to expand their ideas of how in-room hospitality can serve and delight guests. This year, seasonal, city-specific and holiday content took a backseat to practical advice and visually-rich examples.


Thinking Outside the Minibar: Towne BMW 

Our Thinking Outside the Minibar series highlights an In-Room Plus client that is creating a one-of-a-kind, creative, branded hospitality experience with our products. We interview them to learn more about their approach, successes, and advice.


Corporate Gifts: Not Just for the Holidays!

Almost every hospitality professional gives and receives corporate gifts at some point during the year. Our tips help point to some smart opportunities and ideas to help win, retain and strengthen your most valuable business relationships.


Zodiac Snack Attack

This fun post pairs each sign in the Zodiac with a perfectly suited In-Room plus snack! A whimsical hotel might enjoy offering a lobby reception or in-room program with this or a similar theme!


The Death of the Minibar
[Has Been Greatly Exaggerated]

Like Saturday Night Live and printed books, the death of the Minibar has been greatly exaggerated. We examine the fall and rise of an amenity that has continually evolved in order to survive and thrive.


Avoid Hospitality Hangovers:
How to Make Sober Guests Feel Welcome

As sobriety steps increasingly into the spotlight, booze-drenched menus and welcome gifts may need to be refreshed in order to make all guests feel welcome. We explored this trend and how properties should respond to keep guests coming back for seconds (of hospitality).


Stand by Your Brand:
Custom Packaging for JW Marriott

This visual, up-close look at our new custom packaging suite for industry titan JW Marriott is a perfect example of how we create tailored, on-brand, polished product experiences for all of our valued client properties.


Masters of the Minibar: The Evolution of the Private Bar at the Iconic Fontainebleau Miami Beach

The people have spoken--or in this case, read! This year, our readers loved nothing more than reading this brief oral history and timeline of this iconic American hotel and how we’ve helped it seamlessly sashay into the 21st century.



These three posts from previous years continue to captivate our readers so much, we couldn’t leave them out!

3. Tricks of the Trade: How to Prevent Minibar Theft & Product Tampering

This practical post is a must-read for any managers trying to maximize their in-room offerings while minimizing theft and tampering.

2. Keeping It Weird: Top 10 Most Memorable Minibar Items

From Rubik’s cubes to roasted grasshoppers, these hotels keep it weird and wonderful with this eclectic offerings!

1. 30 Tips for a Successful Minibar 

This post from September 2018 continues to reign supreme as the top traffic-getter overall on our blog, and it’s easy to see why: as an industry leader celebrating over 30 years in the hospitality business (this post was created as part of our 30th-anniversary celebration), we’ve learned a lot about what makes a minibar program successful, and we gladly shared our secrets with our dear readers and customers. Your success is our success!


That wraps up our top posts of the year! Have an industry, product, company or trend-related idea or question we should cover in 2020?

Are you an In-Room Plus client and would like to be featured in a future blog entry? Leave a comment below or contact us anytime, we’d love to work with you!

From all of us at In-Room Plus, Happy New Year, and thank you for a tremendous 2019. We look forward to serving you in the coming year!